This page tells you where I am and what I’m focused on at the present time: The things I would tell a friend I haven’t seen in a year.

I married the love of my life in February, and we are enjoying life together in Seattle. I got a new job with a new firm and took the Washington bar exam as part of my transition from California, so now I’m licensed in two states and have an office overlooking Pike Place.

I still play D&D regularly. The long-term campaign I started with five friends in California—four of whom I met through law school—crossed the one-year mark this month.

I’ve been trying to pursue my book-writing dreams more seriously. At the moment, that means taking a novel-writing class at a local college and building a pandoc workflow for converting markdown files in my Obsidian vault into manuscript format.

Designing integrated and trustworthy workflows to manage the information I create and consume has been my biggest downtime obsession lately. I think it’s a product of my newfound optimism. I want my tools to be in top shape and ready to receive the good things I feel are coming.

Looking ahead, I would like to be more connected with my local community, so I’ve been searching for opportunities to volunteer as a way to get connected while making myself useful. I also would like to develop skills in areas that are totally new to me. One possibility is to step out of my web and server background and start practicing native application development. If I do go that route, I would most likely choose Dart and Flutter as my launching points.

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