List of Files Ignored by Wrangler Pages CLI

At the time of this writing, the Pages command of Cloudflare’s Wrangler CLI uses a hard-coded list of ignored files and directories. The list isn’t written anywhere in the Wrangler documentation, so far as I can tell, but it can be found in the source files.

Here’s how the ignore list is declared as of commit a3e654f:

// packages/wrangler/src/pages/upload.tsx

const IGNORE_LIST = [

(Note: The _redirects and _headers files don’t get uploaded, but Wrangler reads them when configuring custom redirects and response headers as outlined in the Cloudflare Pages documentation.)

If you’re using a static site generator like Jekyll or Hugo, and you want it to generate files to be served on your localhost but not on Cloudflare Pages, just add /node_modules/ to the URI path. In Jekyll, you can achieve this easily by setting the permalink frontmatter variable in the document you want to keep local.

permalink: '/node_modules/secret-sitemap'

Wrangler will ignore the _site/node_modules directory and everything in it when you run:

$ npx wrangler pages publish _site

Keep in mind that Wrangler’s Pages command is still in beta. The full release will no doubt have support for defining a custom list of excludes through wrangler.toml and command line flags.

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